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Pump Repair


Banyan PMRTC – Hydraulic business in India is now fully equipped to repair and test all types of piston, vane, gear pumps , hydraulics motors and all kinds of valves like directional, pressure, flow control, conventional and proportional valves. More specifically, we can:

– Refurbish & test open and close loop pumps up to 350 Bar pressure and 600lpm
– test & setting of zero position in closed loop,
– Refurbishing & testing of fixed and variable displacement pump with various control options,
– check the performance of products through its measurement controls and data logging systems,
– Refurbish, Seals Change, Honing & Testing of Marine Hydraulic Cylinders,
– All Repairs are tested and provided test certificate.

PMRTC Intro:

We carry out service on your existing Hydraulic pumps and Hydraulic Motors to perform efficiently. We repair your hydraulic pumps , Motors and Cylinders with minimum spares economically. We are superior with others by using exact tools and correct bolt tightening torques wrenches. We do the opening and closing of the pumps , motors and cylinders following the standard operating procedure and best practiced methods .

It is not just dismantling and assembling. After service or repairs ,we carry out the tests to check the parameters and performance as per name plate of the assembly. Like operating Pressure, Flow, KW, Temperature ,Efficiency, Standard drain level , leakage and  Noise . All this is carefully monitored and recorded under the watchful eye of the Well trained engineers and With fully automated data loggers.

After testing , we send the reports and store all the data on records. This enables the customer to keep track of the equipment by just remembering the Job Card Numbers.

The tests for Pumps are done  by our dynamic test bench is carried out as per full specification of that pump. By this you arrive at the exact field condition loads and parameters and customers are get full confident of using the pump as good as original after test. The cylinders and Hydraulic Motors are tested in our Static test bench checking all the parameters.

We pay lots of attention on our state of the art test benches , which are periodically flushed for dirt and moisture bearing safety of the customers pumps ad motors. All the parameter monitoring gauges and instruments are calibrated and errors if any are noted carefully.

As an expert of test benches, we construct test benches for pump and motor manufacturers to reduce quality checking time with auto generated test reports.

Banyan Hydraulics , Where service meets satisfaction.