Off line filtration Trolley

Off-Line Filter Units

Eaton’s oil service equipment makes off-line filtration easy and helps save on the cost of oil, maintenance and component replacement in your operation. Off-line filtration units include both stationary and mobile versions. Options like heat exchangers, Watersorp elements, and vacuum dehydration systems are also available.

During off-line filtration the filter is in a circuit separated from the main operation stream. By separating the streams, off-line filtration can function as long as it takes for the operating fluid to reach the necessary cleanliness, regardless of the system’s running time.

Stationary Off-Line Filter Units


Eaton’s stationary filter units are designed for fine filtration, filling or flushing of hydraulic systems, and oil service for gears with lubricants of high viscosity.

Mobile Off-Line Filter Units


Eaton’s mobile off-line filter units are developed for oil maintenance on hydraulic and lubrication systems.

Filtration Technology:

It is an oil cleaning device which is capable of removing solid contamination and lower oxidized

molecules of oil from all lubricating oils. It is a product designed and developed in Germany and extensively

used in India on a variety of applications.

Why should we use it:

  •  To protect pumps, proportional valves, servo valves, other critical components from oil
  •  Contamination.
  •  To prevent sticking of valves or choking of orifices by oil contamination.
  •  To prevent leakages in machines due to oil contamination.
  •  To ensure better machine operation.
  •  To ensure better product quality.
  •  To ensure optimum oil life.
  •  To keep oil pollution under control.

Banyan supports clients with Oil Filteration units with help of Internormen technology to improve

the reliability of the entire system’s equipment a durability of used fluids by reducing aging

fluid, maintaining oil lubricity and decreasing air content.

Main Characteristics of Off Line Filter Units :

  •  Reliable and Easy to use off-line filtration,
  •  Reinforces Existing Operating In-line Filter,
  •  Different performance application within
  •  one series type,
  •  Improves cleanliness classes,
  •  Extends Service line of System components
  •  &Operation Fluids,
  •  Compact design saves space &adapts to
  •  your operation,
  •  Filtration can continue during tank filling